For The Love of Travel & Photography: NASHVILLE,TN

IMG_0527 IMG_0529 IMG_0530 IMG_0531 IMG_0578This Saturday I was in Nashville, TN for one of my friend’s birthday party. Before we ate lunch we walked around downtown Nashville. The weather was perfect and the streets were bare (besides a homeless man that approached us, but that story is for another time), and everything was so breathtaking and beautiful. I took a handful of pictures and have edited them. Of course, this is all on my handy dandy iPhone so they turned out pretty decent for the type of camera. It was a great day! We went to lunch at Hard Rock Café (the BEST), played laser tag (I know, I know, but despite what you might think it is like you are in a nerd combat war, its fun), and we went to the recently opened Opry Mills Mall. The boys were antsy so I didn’t have time to look around in the HUMONGOUS Forever 21, but they had sooooo much stuff.

Hope you like the photos! Visit Nashville! “MUSIC CITY, USA” 🙂

Love always & Keep Calm & Travel, Laken


OOTD: Sunday Sister Thrift Style:Coral




I have made it a habit lately to go to Goodwill every Friday and this Friday, this dress was my favorite find! 🙂 It did not have a tag, but it is a blue dress with a layer of coral and black on the bottom(& it was a whopping $5.67, a steal!). I paired it with a coral sweater from my mom’s closet, black leggings, and of course my new Vera Wang Boots. (Even though I post about them a lot, I promise I wear other shoes! I just wear these with my post able outfits!) My little sister is wearing a cheetah dress from Goodwill that was $3.99 paired with a  coat on sale from Target and also black leggings.

I think people (even me) seem to think sometimes that since it is winter that bright colors don’t go with outfits and that layers look bulky, but if you do it right with the right type of outfit, you will stand out in the crowd.

SHOUT OUT to my mom Tina!!!! She took these pictures & she supports my blog more than anyone else! She is where I learned thrifting from, Thank you mom!

Hope everyone had a Happy Sunday! God Bless!

Love always ,Laken

Album of the Week: Birdy



This girl has captivated me for a while, and I really needed to blog about her! She is a 15 year old, extremely pretty, fantastic singer, from the U.K. The emotion in all her songs is so deep its unreal. It seems like you can’t feel it being that young, but I am only 2 years older and I feel all the emotion. Her voice is also very grown up. It even reminds me of a young Adele! Her music is a mix of soft pop and indie rock, but definitely full of emotion. Her first single was a cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” in 2011 and her self titled album followed that year. Songs like “1901” are, in my opinion, ways of coping as life passes by. “People Help The People” really reaches to the good person in you and convinces you to see the world around you differently( kind of like Alice & Wonderland. ha!)

Please go look her up!!!

Love always, Laken

OOTD: Red & Blue Hearts

So this is actually yesterday’s OOTD,but I didn’t have time to post it,and the pictures are terrible because I didn’t have anyone to take them and it was night. I really need to get my blog act together! Haha.
This shirt came from TjMaxx and it was around $15 and the sweater came from Target for $20!! I think it’s so doll. I paired it with my fave Vera Wang boots and black skinnies. In need of cute red earrings for this outfit!


Love always,Laken




I also got this cupcake tonight for a belated bday present and I had to share! Usually Gigi’s cupcakes aren’t good to me, but this one was delish!


OOTD: thrifted blue lace shirt & cross bracelet

It was very cold this morning when I woke up and I tore my tights :/ so a dress wasn’t an option for church this morning. Yesterday I bought a UBER CUTE blue lace shirt at Goodwill for $4.00!! Wore my dark skinnies,fave Vera Wang boots, and new cross jewelry! Simple but awesome outfit!
Tried my new nail polish ( Rimmel London Steel Grey) which I thought looked like a mix between purple and brown,but still stylish! Hope you like it. Happy Sunday!


Please excuse the photography on these pictures! Looking for better ways to take pictures & better backdrops!


These earrings were at Maurices ($8.00) !!

For lunch today we went to Macaroni Grill! It was soooo good and we had a hilarious waiter. He was extremely loud but very hilarious! I enjoyed the shrimp alfredo, green salad with Mediterranean dressing, and macaroni & cheese balls for appetizer! SOOO GOOD!


SIDE NOTE: Got these 6 books at Goodwill yesterday for $.50 a piece. I’ve read all of them, but they are so good! Yes, even though I dislike the Twilight movies and fandom I did enjoy the books before all of that came out!


Healthy Snacks


Lately, some of the healthy snacks I have been enjoying, especially for breakfast, are bananas and apples with peanut butter, Multigrain Cheerios with milk, Nature Valley Granola Thins, and smoothies. All of them are quick and easy to eat or grab and go once you buy them. My new “100 Best Health Foods” book(from Goodwill $.50) talks about how good grains, apples, and bananas are good for you. Apples are about 60 calories and have been known to lower “bad” cholesterol and prevent colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve recently realized that drinking more water, eating breakfast, and eating fruits, veggies, or grains decreases hunger and makes you feel a lot better, from personal experience!

I LOVE smoothies. You can put virtually anything you don’t like into one, with other things that you do, and you wont taste it! I put whatever I happen to have in the kitchen into mine, which has never turned out bad. Most of mine consist of frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, canned pineapple,  orange juice (sometimes milk), yogurt, bananas, flax seed, honey, spinach leaves, etc.. I’ve even had carrots and cucumbers in mine before! Note:(Adding more frozen items, even ice, gives it a smoother blend.) It is the greatest snack I could ever quickly make in my opinion!

Stay Healthy, love always, Laken.





Album of the Week: The Lumineers


I recently found a mix between Mumford & Sons and Avett Brothers that I am in love with! The Lumineers is a blend of acoustic rock, classic pop, and front porch folk. They released their first album in 2012, self titled ‘The Lumineers’.Their lyrics connect so well with everyday life and each song is uniquely different in melody and tone. The song “Classy Girls” is just fun to sing along to while “Ho Hey” is almost like a screaming ballad (at least that is how I sing it!). I like to have the cd in my car because when I am sad I like to sing the soft songs but when I’m riding through town on Friday the big songs are so fun! I hope you all connect with them like I do!

Love always, Laken.