I’m Back!

I have to admit, I abandoned my blog. My friends laughed at me for it and it became time consuming, but I’ve missed it so here I am! 🙂 Andddd in my absence, my site has seen 8,000 hits!!! WHAT?! Anyways, you followers will start to see much more from me soon! As I am continuously changing, maturing, and growing every day I hope you will enjoy whatever comes this way! 🙂 Welcome to December! 🙂


By the way: I’ve had a lot of comments on my Binder Cover Post. I’m so sorry I didn’t post the link before, but here it is!


If you don’t like these pictures, just type in Binder cover free printables on pinterest or google! 🙂


Can you be a lady without being modest?

So True!


I saw a girl over my lunch break the other day that was wearing a teeny-tiny little dress.  It was a strapless dress that she kept tugging to stay up, and it barely covered her bottom when she sat down.  With summer upon us, I think it is an excellent time to talk about modesty.  Last summer I was at a baseball game on the 4th of July in Kansas City and it was HOT.  It was so hot and humid and miserable that I wanted to strip down to my underwear and run through a sprinkler.  But I do know even though it is difficult and takes effort, it is possible to dress modestly even on the hottest days.

shortswhite dressgreen dresscutoffs

(striped top from shabby apple, white dress from etsy, green dress from shabby apple vest outfit from a pretty penny)

“But I tell you that anyone…

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