Welcome to BrunetteLove!  It is the personal blog of Laken Berry. This blog is all about the lovely and creative things that I encounter and find in my life that I am inspired to share with you!
Here’s some things to know about me!

1. Jesus Christ died to save me from my sin so that one day I can be in Heaven with my father God, and he can be your savior too! I Love God & the Church of God!

2. I like to dress comfortably, affordably, and modestly! Thrifty finds are my favee and I love Target, Ross, Kohls, TJmaxx, Marshalls, & Maurices.

3. I LOVE music. I play the clarinet and I am in band. I love pop, folk, alternative rock, r&b, kpop,  worship, rap worship, country, etc…. My Album of the Week posts will explain everything!

4. I love taking photos, but all I have is my iPhone and my pretty boring atmosphere.

5. I love food. Being a big girl, I enjoy it a lot. I don’t cook a lot, but I am working on trying new things. I enjoy any kind of potato, Asian food, & chocolate ice-cream.

6.  I am a thrifter. Beware of my bargains! 🙂

7. We are in the  process of moving houses and I am all about new room stuff! Décor for now & the future are my fave pins on Pinterest.

8. I’m addicted to PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, & TWITTER!!! Follow me if you dare.

9. I dream to travel to world. Especially Europe.

10. I love my small town in Alabama. I love Alabama. It will always be home sweet home. The accents are sweet and the tea is sweeter & Bama Football is my pride! Roll Tide!

11. I am a happy person. I smile a lot and I love hugs. I love my friends. Hanging out at Starbucks, Bojangles, or Mexican restraunts, or playing Apples to Apples and spoons at  their houses makes for a great night!

12. I LOVE cats(especially my baby Bitsy), vintage floral, chevron stripes, history, my iphone, hello kitty, television, Duck Dynasty, Seventeen mag, etc….

Check out my Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/iamlaken/
Email me: lberrygirl@yahoo.com


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