Album of the Week: Lorde


I’m sure, if you are a civilized human being with access to a television, computer, or a car radio, you have heard the famous song “Royals”. The song, Lorde’s first hit, garnered hundreds of thousands of hits on Youtube, then progressively took over the world. Almost literally. This New Zealand born , 16 year old, singer/songwriter became a one hit wonder in a matter of a week. Of course, I myself, heard her music before she became mega popular, but I don’t have any proof, and does it really matter? haha! Also, I don’t think  this is only  going to be a “one-hit wonder” situation at all.

I don’t know that anyone can really even place the music of Lorde into a category. It’s artsy, pop, alternative, singer songwriter, dance, and electro-rock all in one. Many have compared this young singer to the stylings of Lana del Ray or Grimes, but I believe she is all on her own a completely new style. I personally have enjoyed watching her live performances on Youtube because I have never seen someone perform like her. As she sings, she rocks her body and grabs the air, almost as if she is physically placing herself into the beat of the music and feeling herself into the situation the song implies. All I know is that I love her ENTIRE album. Her EP ‘The Love Club’ was released early 2013, but her full album “Pure Heroine” released a couple months after. I encourage you to go purchase it, I promise you will not regret it! Happy listening!


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