Album of the Week: Walk the Moon

walk the moon walk the moon2

Walk the Moon’s self titled album released in 2012 is, in a summary, FUN! The quirky, Ohio-based, indie rock, four man band is absolutely crazy. Each song has a signature rhythm and beat, and they really do make you want to dance! My favorite song is “Anna Sun” just because of its upbeat tune and sound. Each song is individually able to be sang along too and the beat is very infectious. “Anna Sun” was added to the video rotation of American Eagle Outfitters stores in May 2011, and it was featured on the hit TV show Vampire Diaries in the first episode of season three. I’ve read in many places, and agree, that  the album is based around youthfulness, whether you are falling head over heels for a crush or out partying Friday night. Please check them out, they are AMAZING!

love always, Laken


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