Album of the Week: Alabama Shakes- Boys & Girls

alabama shakesshakes 2

This group hits me close to home because they originated in the very area that I live in! (North Alabama) The sound of their music is….for lack of a better word…raw. The quartet, lead by power house singer Brittany Howard, is an actually enjoyable southern, bluesy, rock, soul band. They began to collaborate in 2009 and released their first album, Boys & Girls, in When you listen to any of their songs you literally feel like you could probably punch a wall….in a good way. Sometimes they are good for nice screaming blues music. “So bless my heart and bless yours too. Don’t know where I’m gonna go, don’t know what I’m gonna do,” is a lyric from “Hold On”, one of my favorites and voted Rolling Stones #1 Song of the Year! It relates to many younger and older listeners who don’t know what is next for them in life, because lets face it, none of us do. They just bluntly lay it out there for us! 🙂 The mixes of piano and guitar influences in the bluesy songs as well as Brittany’s beautiful jazz voice make them a great listen! AND they are Grammy nominated for Best New Artist!!!! Watch the Grammy’s on Feb. 10 8/7 c t0 see how they do!

Love always, Laken


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