OOTD: Sunday Sister Thrift Style:Coral




I have made it a habit lately to go to Goodwill every Friday and this Friday, this dress was my favorite find! 🙂 It did not have a tag, but it is a blue dress with a layer of coral and black on the bottom(& it was a whopping $5.67, a steal!). I paired it with a coral sweater from my mom’s closet, black leggings, and of course my new Vera Wang Boots. (Even though I post about them a lot, I promise I wear other shoes! I just wear these with my post able outfits!) My little sister is wearing a cheetah dress from Goodwill that was $3.99 paired with a  coat on sale from Target and also black leggings.

I think people (even me) seem to think sometimes that since it is winter that bright colors don’t go with outfits and that layers look bulky, but if you do it right with the right type of outfit, you will stand out in the crowd.

SHOUT OUT to my mom Tina!!!! She took these pictures & she supports my blog more than anyone else! She is where I learned thrifting from, Thank you mom!

Hope everyone had a Happy Sunday! God Bless!

Love always ,Laken


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