Album of the Week: Birdy



This girl has captivated me for a while, and I really needed to blog about her! She is a 15 year old, extremely pretty, fantastic singer, from the U.K. The emotion in all her songs is so deep its unreal. It seems like you can’t feel it being that young, but I am only 2 years older and I feel all the emotion. Her voice is also very grown up. It even reminds me of a young Adele! Her music is a mix of soft pop and indie rock, but definitely full of emotion. Her first single was a cover of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” in 2011 and her self titled album followed that year. Songs like “1901” are, in my opinion, ways of coping as life passes by. “People Help The People” really reaches to the good person in you and convinces you to see the world around you differently( kind of like Alice & Wonderland. ha!)

Please go look her up!!!

Love always, Laken


2 thoughts on “Album of the Week: Birdy

  1. The entire album is actually covered, and every single one of them I love. She’s got lots of potential – I wonder what she has in store for us in the future

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