Cute Binders & Organization


As the second semester of school came around, I have had to buy all new binders, paper,etc…and  my friends and I discovered a website with binder page templates. They are extremely cute, and all you have to do is click on the link, save a template, and write what you need to on the front. I have done it with my binder below –>

I also thought a few organization tips might be nice! THESE CAN BE FOR K-12 STUDENTS, COLLEGE STUDENTS, or MOMS & DADS at home for Organizing Bills, coupons, paperwork, etc…

1. Keep a pencil & pen pouch. Either in your binder or in your purse. (Also handy for those not in school!)

2. Keep paper stocked in the front of your binder for easy access.

3. Tabs are $1.50 at Walmart and can help you sooo much when organizing. Take the most important things you do in class (such as Homework, Classword, Board Work, Vocab, Essays, etc…) and make it a heading.This also means that you must put every paper in its correct place! Avoid keeping all your papers piled in the front pocket of your binder!!!

4. A binder for an important class that you will use often, should most likely be in a better binder. Although Staples binders are expensive, they are the best. So splurge, and use it for years, instead of buying a cheap one from Walmart and it breaking.

Happy Organizing! Message me for any questions or more help!

Love always, Laken.



31 thoughts on “Cute Binders & Organization

  1. Hi!!! I really love your binder cover pages and I really want to do the same thing! Could I please have the link of the website that created them? Thanks so much 🙂

  2. Hi! I really love the binder cover pages that you have and I would absolutely love to have them for myself! Could you please give me the link of the website that created them? Thanks a bundle 😀

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