New Year Wishes

2012 was a year of growing up for me. I’m sure that resonates with all readers,whether in their teens or in their 40s because everyone always has room for growing! I have a lot more responsibility now than I used to and one thing I want 2013 to represent for me is taking control of my life! Some goals I am setting for January are no sodas or chocolate,and much more water and exercise as well as more time in the Word of God and Prayer. Specific goals seem to push me further,and having to say no to a chocolate muffin for breakfast and a Mountain Dew at lunch,already on day 2!, has already showed me I have the power! 🙂 I encourage everyone to set goals,even the smallest ones! I sat down one day and just wrote away and ended up with two full pages! Have a great 2013!
Love always, laken.



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