Getting Thrifty

I have always liked going to my local Goodwill to find cheap books and clothes,which I usually find very well,but on my most recent visit I looked at the silverware and kitchen items for the first time and surprised myself! I realized that many of these items can be repurposed and used as decor or for organization. I found 3 small,cute mason jars. Each one had a patterned top but each was a little different from the other. For $1.50 I got all three and I have put bobby pins and ponytail holders in them. I’m reminding everyone to keep their eyes peeled at thrift stores,even in the most unlikely places!
With love! Laken



2 thoughts on “Getting Thrifty

  1. Hooray for thrifting! I pick up kitchen items to repurpose at our local Value Village all the time. My pins and ponytail holders are all over the place, though, so I think I’ll borrow this idea!

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