Album of the Week: Lorde


I’m sure, if you are a civilized human being with access to a television, computer, or a car radio, you have heard the famous song “Royals”. The song, Lorde’s first hit, garnered hundreds of thousands of hits on Youtube, then progressively took over the world. Almost literally. This New Zealand born , 16 year old, singer/songwriter became a one hit wonder in a matter of a week. Of course, I myself, heard her music before she became mega popular, but I don’t have any proof, and does it really matter? haha! Also, I don’t think  this is only  going to be a “one-hit wonder” situation at all.

I don’t know that anyone can really even place the music of Lorde into a category. It’s artsy, pop, alternative, singer songwriter, dance, and electro-rock all in one. Many have compared this young singer to the stylings of Lana del Ray or Grimes, but I believe she is all on her own a completely new style. I personally have enjoyed watching her live performances on Youtube because I have never seen someone perform like her. As she sings, she rocks her body and grabs the air, almost as if she is physically placing herself into the beat of the music and feeling herself into the situation the song implies. All I know is that I love her ENTIRE album. Her EP ‘The Love Club’ was released early 2013, but her full album “Pure Heroine” released a couple months after. I encourage you to go purchase it, I promise you will not regret it! Happy listening!


I’m Back!

I have to admit, I abandoned my blog. My friends laughed at me for it and it became time consuming, but I’ve missed it so here I am! 🙂 Andddd in my absence, my site has seen 8,000 hits!!! WHAT?! Anyways, you followers will start to see much more from me soon! As I am continuously changing, maturing, and growing every day I hope you will enjoy whatever comes this way! 🙂 Welcome to December! 🙂


By the way: I’ve had a lot of comments on my Binder Cover Post. I’m so sorry I didn’t post the link before, but here it is!\

If you don’t like these pictures, just type in Binder cover free printables on pinterest or google! 🙂

Can you be a lady without being modest?

So True!


I saw a girl over my lunch break the other day that was wearing a teeny-tiny little dress.  It was a strapless dress that she kept tugging to stay up, and it barely covered her bottom when she sat down.  With summer upon us, I think it is an excellent time to talk about modesty.  Last summer I was at a baseball game on the 4th of July in Kansas City and it was HOT.  It was so hot and humid and miserable that I wanted to strip down to my underwear and run through a sprinkler.  But I do know even though it is difficult and takes effort, it is possible to dress modestly even on the hottest days.

shortswhite dressgreen dresscutoffs

(striped top from shabby apple, white dress from etsy, green dress from shabby apple vest outfit from a pretty penny)

“But I tell you that anyone…

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Album of the Week: Walk the Moon

walk the moon walk the moon2

Walk the Moon’s self titled album released in 2012 is, in a summary, FUN! The quirky, Ohio-based, indie rock, four man band is absolutely crazy. Each song has a signature rhythm and beat, and they really do make you want to dance! My favorite song is “Anna Sun” just because of its upbeat tune and sound. Each song is individually able to be sang along too and the beat is very infectious. “Anna Sun” was added to the video rotation of American Eagle Outfitters stores in May 2011, and it was featured on the hit TV show Vampire Diaries in the first episode of season three. I’ve read in many places, and agree, that  the album is based around youthfulness, whether you are falling head over heels for a crush or out partying Friday night. Please check them out, they are AMAZING!

love always, Laken

DIY Postcard/Photo Binder Album


One of the cheapest things I have collected over the years is postcards! They are a great souvenir for all the places I have been or a simple gift for others to give to me! I have always kept them in a box because I could never find an album big enough for them or that I could write in,so I decided to make one!
You need:
1 binder
Paper to put in on(preferably card stock)
Tape or Glue
Paper protector slip pages
Postcards or pictures

And…wallah! Just put the postcards or pictures on the page however you want. Decorate it with stickers or write on it. It would be really cool to write all the memories around the pictures or postcards! I am extremely happy to have all my memories bound together to always have! Happy DIYing!

Love always, Laken

i love diy

Album of the Week: Alabama Shakes- Boys & Girls

alabama shakesshakes 2

This group hits me close to home because they originated in the very area that I live in! (North Alabama) The sound of their music is….for lack of a better word…raw. The quartet, lead by power house singer Brittany Howard, is an actually enjoyable southern, bluesy, rock, soul band. They began to collaborate in 2009 and released their first album, Boys & Girls, in When you listen to any of their songs you literally feel like you could probably punch a wall….in a good way. Sometimes they are good for nice screaming blues music. “So bless my heart and bless yours too. Don’t know where I’m gonna go, don’t know what I’m gonna do,” is a lyric from “Hold On”, one of my favorites and voted Rolling Stones #1 Song of the Year! It relates to many younger and older listeners who don’t know what is next for them in life, because lets face it, none of us do. They just bluntly lay it out there for us! 🙂 The mixes of piano and guitar influences in the bluesy songs as well as Brittany’s beautiful jazz voice make them a great listen! AND they are Grammy nominated for Best New Artist!!!! Watch the Grammy’s on Feb. 10 8/7 c t0 see how they do!

Love always, Laken